Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.

Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.

Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;

For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul. D&C 4: 1-4

Friday, August 30, 2013

Can I Get A Hallelujah...

Howdy Errrrryone! 

This week has been simply amazing! But my oh my ohhhhhhhh so awful at the same time! haha

Lets begin with the awful... 
First off my companion is driving me INSANE. Like to the point of tears. She gets so frustrated when I don't understand her. It's gotten to the point where if I don't understand she just pretty much says, "Whatever, it doesn't matter"...uh yes, yes it does. So finally I lost it... okay not what you guys are thinking, I didn't completely crazy Morgann lose it. I just said "NO hermana! It does matter!" and "I want to understand so please have some patience with me and explain it again!" she rolled her eyes and explained it until I understood. Well, again with not being able to understand she was explaining a place where we could buy toilet paper that was close to our house cause we didn't have much time. From what I understood she was talking about the bakery....? So I asked "the bakery?" And she rolled her eyes and said "Noooooo" in a voice that was imitating a stupid person. I just said "Wow hermana forgive me for not understanding", walked into the bathroom and shut the door. And she continued to say "What hermana? Really?" I stayed in the bathroom for about 10 minutes so I could gather myself...  so no blows were thrown. After I came out she said "So explain to me what happened." And I said "It doesn't even matter hermana its over." (there was really no point in explaining cause she was still pissed and being rude so there was no getting through to her). She continued to complain about how I always give her dirty looks and she never says "Wow hermana" or "What hermana" *note that all of these quotes are in that same voice imitating me as a stupid person and mocking me for confronting her.  I just took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes and said "Well then maybe you should ask what happened, cause clearly I'm upset or a reason." She just looked away and we went off to buy toilet paper. When we got back to the house she tried to act like nothing happened. It's so hard. If you know me, you know I'm not the type of person who is afraid to confront someone or talk about a problem. But she's so unapproachable!! And the Spanish makes it harder for me because I can't really express how I feel. And she ALWAYS has to be right. But I'm pretty sure in 2 or 3 weeks we will be split up. So with lots of prayer and serving her I know I can make it. 

Another rough moment: 
So we had three baptisms this week, I'll share those details in a little bit. One of the men being baptized is a little bit bigger than the rest, and we didn't have white pants that would fit him. we searched ALLLLL OVER the town for a place to buy white pants for men in a large size and couldn't find them anywhere. Finally at 8 o'clock the night before the baptism I bought white fabric and took it to a seamstress and asked her to make a pair of pants! She said she could have them done by 3 o'clock the next day. The baptism was at 6:30. So the next day at 3 o'clock we return praying they came out okay... well, $25 and a lot of faith later we had the perfect pair of pants!  Struggle one: check! 
So we go to see the man who was getting baptized and he tells us he isn't ready, he has all these doubts, and isn't going to be baptized............... what? So we sat with him and talked with him and answered all his questions. Still a little fragile and unsure I said O-----o! We have something for you, and continued to take out the white shirt and pants we had for him and for his son J---s too. His eyes LIT UP! They both tried on their clothes and were completely glowing. And BOTH so excited for their baptism!   
Secondly, because they were all so special and come such a long way to be baptized I really wanted to make the service special. So we called all the members we knew to come to the service and I bought stuff to make a cake for afterwards! We don't have an oven so we had to do it in the house of a member. So we are teaching the sister of one of the members we are close to. So while the cake was baking we taught her. It was perfect! So after the lesson we went to check on the cake, as the girl was taking it out of the oven, what happens? It falls. Yup. Cake batter everywhere. The cake was ruined.  I literally started tearing up. It just sucked. I spent the last money I had on the pants and the initial stuff to make the cake and I was trying so hard to make this baptism perfect... and I felt like everything was just falling apart. I was at my wits end. I didn't have any money to buy a cake or the time to make a new one. I just wanted to cry. And my companion had no care in the world. I felt so alone. But I told myself that the fact that they are taking the step to become closer to our Savior through baptism is so special in itself.   I prepared a song and sang it at the baptism. The spirit was so strong and all three were baptized without any doubts!

Okay so my favorite tender mercy of the week! 
We were walking in the street and I hear someone yell "How are you!!!"(in English) I quickly turn around and see a sweet old man waving me down! So I walk towards him and he continues to speak in English to me and asks what am I doing in Ecuador.  I replied loud, proud, and for the first time in English "I am a missionary!!! for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!" The feeling that over came me is indescribable. Something so little like that just changed my whole day around. We continued to chat and he told me how much respect he had for me and for what I was doing. That he knew how hard it must be to be away from home for such a long period of time, that he admired my faith and what I was doing. It was literally exactly what I needed. He didn't even know me but he expressed how much he appreciated what I was doing. Such a tender mercy and such a precious moment for me.

Me and my comp at our activity!
This week we had an activity in the park here! Me and my comp set up two tables with pamphlets, Book of Mormons, and all kinds of materials from the church.  We had members from the branch there with us to help us talk to people. We ended up talking to almost 20 people in the span of an hour! I sang in English and it was just so amazing! We are doing it every Tuesday now! 

Okay so the three baptisms! Yay!!!!!!!!! 

Me with O-----o and J---s at their baptism!
First O-----o and J---s:
So one day we came out of our apartment and as we walk out the door a man stops us and says "sisters! I need to talk to you! I've been praying for light and happiness in my life and I wanna know if you can help me".........…UH YES WE CAN HELP YOU! He continued to explain how his wife left him for another man about 4 years ago and ever since then has been trying to really find a church to attend and find the light of Christ in his life. He wasn't even supposed to work that day or in that location but someone asked him to cover for them and he said it was by the grace of God that he found us. We continued to teach him and his 9 year old son J---s. Two weeks later they are both baptized and confirmed members of the church! Well O-----o wasn't confirmed, he had to work on Sunday. But this Sunday he will be confirmed!!! 

And next R----r:
Me and R----r at his baptism!
We have been teaching R----r for a looonnngg time now! And during his whole process he really struggled with knowing if this was the true gospel of Jesus Christ. He was attending an Evangelist church and really felt that both gospels were true. We encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray specifically for his answer. One night he told us that he received an answer that he knew the Book of Mormon was true. And we asked him how he felt about his baptism, he said he felt cold and didn't think he should be baptized. Such a sad moment but I knew that eventually he would receive his answer that this is what he needed. I just didn't know how long that would take. I invited him to pray again specifically about his baptism. The next night when we visited him (three days before the baptismal date) we asked him again how he felt.... he replied, "good, calm, and happy" WHAT. OMG. TALK ABOUT A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just shouted "R----r I could cry right now!!!!" although in my head I really wanted to shout CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH!  He giggled and we planned the program for his baptism right then and there. The next day we brought him his clothes for the big day, he tried them on for us, and was simply glowing. You could see the light of Christ pouring out of him! I honestly didn't think I would personally see the day when R----r was baptized. Little did i know... tender mercies...tender mercies...

Witnessing these three men put their faith in the Lord has really strengthened my testimony! I think with all of us who are members of the church or who are learning more about the church, sometimes we don't know everything, we don't understand everything, and some things just seem plain crazy to us. But I KNOW even though I don't know everything and some stuff is mind boggling to me, I know that this church is the true church of Christ. Never have I ever come across another religion or church that has every single answer we need, in details! Even though I don't know all the answers I KNOW that they are there. And I know that when we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we are strengthened. 
Me and my companion filling up the baptismal font!

Another tender mercy I forgot to mention!!! 
Soooooooooooooo I taught the lesson all by myself in Sunday school on Sunday!!!! Completely in Spanish with no help! Planned it all by myself too! And the lesson was on our talents. I had everyone in the class right down their own special talents and explained how we all have them! And how we need to better them daily and share them with others! Well, the tender mercy part, during my lesson my mission leader rose his hand and said that he would just like point out that while we are talking about talents, this sister is here from the USA and didn't know any Spanish before she came. She's only been in Ecuador for almost 3 months and she already is teaching the lesson in class with confidence and great Spanish. This is a great demonstration of her talents and how she is sharing them with us. 

It really was such a sweet moment! 

I almost forgot!!!!! this week we also had a ward activity "a night of values" and me my comp and our ward mission leader were in charge of a value. So we chose charity or otherwise known as the pure love of Christ. 

I did the make up on our mission leader to make him look homeless. He wore grungy clothes and brought a card board sign. We had him sit out side of the church right next to the entrance reading a pamphlet about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The object was to see who reached out to him, showed him love, and invited him to join our activity. Every person that tried to show him love received a red paper heart during that hour that he sat outside the church while the members entered. Most walked right past him, only two young men stopped to reach out to him. Both whom are preparing for missions. The first young man brought him out two hot chocolates and some crackers and the second young man sat down and started to invite him inside. (still didn't even recognize it was a member of the branch until after they received their red hearts.) 

When the activity started we brought our mission leader inside and the branch was shocked when he revealed himself.  Later when it was our turn we talked about how every person no matter how they look, who they are, or where they are, needs the love of Christ in their lives. And because we have that love and have a testimony it is our responsibility to share it with the world. I did most of the talking...  I was pretty impressed with myself. Haha but it really was so spiritual and it really hit home for a lot of the members. Such a success. 

Our Branch Mission Leader
Me and my comp with the branch president's family! Don't worry I'm just a giant!
There's only una via or one way we should follow! And that's God's way!

I want to end this email with my testimony of something that has been heavy on my heart lately, the plan of salvation. I want to testify to you that I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. That he knows us all personally. I know that after this life, there is so much more. I know that this life is preparation, a time to learn, and to grow and to try our best to be like our Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ. I know that we are preparing so that one day we too can obtain exaltation, an exalted being, becoming exalted beings just as a Heavenly Father is. I know that our Heavenly father created not just this world but many worlds, and that one day we will too be able to do the same. Although I don't completely understand how, or understand the concept completely, I know it is true because I know that this Gospel is true. I know that if we understood it all, there would be no purpose in having faith. I know that it is when we don't understand or are mind boggled, is when our faith is most important. I know that God loves us. That Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve, and to bring the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to lives of many. 

I testify of these things in the name of my Savior and brother, Jesus Christ, 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Answering a few questions....

This is for the girl who asked on my blog! 

Hermana Younce - I am heading out there in September and just had a few questions if you get time to answer that would be great! 1) What is the power outlet like? Do you think I'll need a converter? 2) Are there CD players in the apartments? 3) What is something clothing wise you forgot or would suggest for your new area? 4)Any other advice or tips?
The power out let is the same as it is in America! But if you're going to the Peru MTC its different. You won't need a converter! We have a cd player in our apartment! But I brought an ipod and a mini ihome for my music.

Something clothing wise I wish I had... would be more garments! I only brought 14 pairs and I wish I would've brought more!

Other advice and tips would be stay positive! It's rough out here! But the strength and faith you build as a missionary is unbelievable! Get in the habit of studying your scriptures. Don't let Spanish be your first priority! Make your testimony and your knowledge in English be the first!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Eyes of Faith

Hey Hey Heyyy! 

Lots of tender mercies this week! The Lord loves us! And boy oh boy is he always with us!!  
My struggle of the week was this past week was the 5 month anniversary of Brandon's death. My heart was heavy this week and I couldn't get him off my mind. I was also sick again this week and the nurses here gave me a sick day so i slept alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. One day and I literally had dream, after dream, after dream about B. Some of them were just flash backs to memories we had together and others were just dreams with him in it. When I woke up all I wanted to do was cry. I ended up calling the missions president's wife so i could just let my feelings out in English. Talking to someone about it helped a lot. But I was still in a weird funk. Then I really wanted a blessing. But a blessing in English that I could really understand and hear the things I needed to, to be okay. The mission president was supposed to come to the playas this week so I figured I could get one from him when he came. Well he didn't end up coming... a little bummed I just tried to shake off the funk and be strong. We went to our district meeting on Thursday. We had a new zone leader! FROM THE USA! AKA he speaks ENGLISH! Soooooo I asked him for a blessing after the meeting in English and it was amazing... just what I needed to hear. The next day I was reflecting on my blessing and all the other melt downs and what not I had this week and I remembered a tender mercy that I didn't even realize at the moment. When I was crying and melting down before I called the mish president's wife, my companion hugged me and said I don't know what your going through, but you know the plan hermana. Referring to the plan of salvation... our Heavenly Father's plan for all of us. And it hit me. What a blessing it is for me to know where Brandon is, what he's doing, and all the blessings he is going to be able to receive while with our Savior.  Hermana D---s (the wife of the mish president) taught us something a couple weeks back that we are to look with eyes of faith and to have a vision of the eternities not just right now.  So I closed my eyes and I imagined B dressed in white, with his cowboy hat on, sitting side by side with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. And now every time I think about B I can't even try to cry tears of sadness. In fact I'm a little jealous of him! haha. But really,  I can't help but smile so big... not only because I know the plan God has for not only him but for all of us, but because i know he's here with me allll the time. I can feel him protecting me daily. And I couldn't be more grateful for that.

In memory of my perfect guardian angel B 

We have three baptisms coming up this week! I'm so excited! The people we are teaching right now are soooo amazing! 

Me and my comp are planning some suuuper awesome activities for the branch! First, this Tuesday, we are setting up tables in the main park here and we are gonna have hymns playing, pamphlets, Books of Mormon, pass along cards and all kinds of other church materials for people to look at. We are gonna teach them, explain things to them, invite them to come to church on Sunday, and get their info so we can visit them and continue teaching them. We are trying to get the branch more involved with working with us, so we invited them all to attend, to have the opportunity to share their testimonies and their knowledge of the gospel with others! 

Second, every Friday we are going to have family home evenings at the church for the branch and their friends! This gives us an opportunity to get more references so we have more people to teach! And the branch an opportunity to become more unified and family like. 

Third, we are planning a talent show!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! So excited! 

These activities will really help the branch become more active and hopefully our chapel will have more than the normal 60 people in it. 

A mission isn't just about baptising people, it's about helping them endure to the end. And with allllll the MANY inactive members in the playas that's what we are trying to do. reactivate, and help endure to the end. 

Don't have a whole lots else to say! Things are great here! Spanish is great! We didn't end up getting new sisters this week! But for sure in September! Woo! 

Love y'all! Thanks for everything!

Me and Y---y! Remember her? She was baptized a few weeks ago!

Me and J----! He's being baptized this weekend! Such a special boy!!!!
I made this sign to put on my backpack it says "Want to be happy? Ask me how"
 Hopefully it has the effect I want it to! 

Me and Morgann!!! The Avile's family kitty! They named her Morgann :))

 Okay well I made them name her Morgann, and I'm pretty sure they only call her Morgann when I'm there hahaha but it still makes me happy! haha
HAHAHA I just thought this was hilarious! How the kitty reacted to my comp

Monday, August 19, 2013

Put On Your Armour, Lace Up Your Boots, And Prepare For Battle

Hey everyone!! This week has been better! I have sooooooooooo many people to write back so this is gonna be  a little short! sorry!

Highlight of the week: so as you all know last week was tough for me. well every Monday we write emails to the mish president. and I expressed how I was feeling in my letter last week, thinking he would write me back this week with some advice or something. Well something even better happened! I called the assistants to ask them something and all the sudden someone else was on the phone, the man said " Hola Sister Younce" and I replied "Oh my goodness you speak English!!!" He replied " Yes, yes I do" then I realized it was the president! hahahah awkward! I quickly gasped and said "Oh my gosh hi President!!" We both laughed. He continued with telling me he read my letter, and asked me if I knew the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and I said of course I do! He said I want you to sing that song and know that everything is going to be okay. He told me that everything was gonna be alright and gave me lots of encouraging words. How awesome right? He said he was gonna send me a text to our mission phone but since I was on the phone he wanted to talk to  me personally. So sweet! He has so many other things to worry about and do and he took time out of his day to make sure I was okay. I seriously have the BEST mission president ever!

Sooooooooo some thing exciting! My Spanish is coming along great! All my leaders tell me that in my 8th week (last week) I could be a trainer! And I don't even finish my training for another 4 weeks! My zone leader told me that if I was a man I could be an assistant to the President haha it made me smile. I wont be training this transfer because President said he doesn't wanna take away my mommy yet haha :) (trainers are moms and dads) but we are getting 38 new SISTER missionaries in September!!!!!!!!! and with this coming transfer tomorrow we will only have 20 sisters in the mission! So in September EVERY SINGLE SISTER will be training!!!! Some will be training TWO! At one time!! So crazy!!! I'm so excited!! I really wanna be trainer! I feel like with everything I've been through already I could really help the new girls. 

We are getting two new sisters in la playas tomorrow! We are all living in our tini tiny apartment right now! Hahah but hopefully we will find a bigger house soon!

hmmmm what else! nothing really!

Oh!! I forgot to tell you...  last month me and my companion were the ONLY ones to complete our goal for baptisms for the month in our whole zone!! We were pretty proud. 

We had 4 of our investigators come to church Sunday which is great!!!! We usually only have 1 or 2. Things are great here! I love la playas! And everyone I'm surrounded by! Sorry this is kinda short! Love you all!!

OH btw I got a package from the Clobes family!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'm in love with everything!!!!!! I think my zone hates me cause every week I get some sort of mail hahaha. This week I got three packages. It was like Christmas AGAIN! 

Some questions I was asked to answer for the blog this week:

1. What is the best meal you've eaten in Ecuador?
The best meal I've eaten in Ecuador would prolly be chicken marinated in coca cola, and cooked with sugar, with rice and mashed potatoes!! Amazing!  
2. What is your favorite scripture right now? 
My favorite scripture right now would have to be Alma 5:15-16 
 15 Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him who created you? Do you look forward with an eye of faith, and view this mortal body raised in immortality, and this corruption braised in incorruption, to stand before God to be judged according to the deeds which have been done in the mortal body?
16 I say unto you, can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day: Come unto me yea blessed, for behold, your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth?
I really like these verses because its straight forward. How powerful it is to read this and vision yourself standing before the Lord himself one day. It really makes me wanna work harder and be a better person.
3.What is one thing that you love about your companion?
One thing I love about my companion is her humor! She's super funny! 
4. What would you ask us to pray for when we pray for you? 
When you pray for me, I would ask that you pray for me to be focused, obedient, and strong.  
5.What would you tell a young man or woman who is thinking that a mission isn't for them? 
I used to say that a mission isn't for everyone.. but that's not the case. Its not that a mission isn't FOR everyone or that not everyone CAN handle serving a mission. It's really about whose willing to trust in The Lord, to put their faith in Him and really sincerely use the Atonement in their lives so that they are able to give back to the man who died so that we could live.  I say, use the Atonement in their lives, because the Atonement wasn't only for our sins. Jesus Christ our Savior felt every single feeling we have ever felt and will ever feel. And through Him we can be made strong, we can be made whole, and we can do ALL THINGS. A mission isn't easy...  I miss home, I wanna be able to be in school and continuing my dreams, I wanna find that perfect cowboy the Lord has prepared for me and be married for time and all eternity. But then I think of the Atonement. Was the Atonement easy? No, no it wasn't.  As missionaries, we are representatives of Jesus Christ himself.  The people reject us just as they rejected Christ. We are meant to feel the heart ache and the pains of this just as Christ did when He was here on the earth. But what really gets me is we will NEVER feel what Christ felt FOR us. Because He so graciously took upon our sins and our pains and our difficult times and everything else. We NEVER have to feel them to the extreme that He did and we can ALWAYS over come them. I know my family and friends love me. And I will be able to rekindle all those friendships when I return home. School will be there when I get home. And how can I expect a perfect cowboy return missionary to be my eternal companion if I myself am not his equal. I promise you all who are debating a mission that this is something every worthy and able young man and woman should be doing. Do you think Christ ever DEBATED to take on your sins and afflictions? Don't think so. It's only 2 years, or 18 months for girls. He gave His life.... His people need you. We are the army of God!!!! Now put on your armour, lace up your boots, and prepare for battle. 

Love you all!

I gave my comp a hair cut! First time! I didn't tell her it was first time till after I was done and she told me she loved it hahahahaha.  She hit me a couple times then she died laughing.

Elder Mundy! I believe you commented on my blog and said you served in playas for 11 months? Well I found proof in the chapel hymn book! haha

I didn't really wear the boots to church, but man did I really wanna!

Me and my comp on Sunday

Just our daily friends we run into in the park

I did C-- c--´s make up while he was eating his dinner hahaha

Me and J----n being supaaa fierce

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

God knows us

Well where to I begin today? 

This week was really tough for me. As I'm sure a lot of you who are reading this have already heard or seen on my Dad's facebook, but this past week was a week that my family, especially my Dad has been waiting for, for a long time.

its a long personal story that I'm obvi not gonna share... but when I was a junior in high school I found out that I have another sister. Her name is Alexa and she is my Dad's daughter. My dad hadn't been able to see Alexa since she was 3 years old. And after 23 years my dad was able to reconnect with her and they met face to face 2 weeks ago. There are no words for the happiness and excitement I feel for Alexa and our Dad. I've been praying for this day to come more than I've been praying for ANYTHING on my mission. The fact that it is now here brings me to tears of joy and relief. 

This is Alexa and our Dad together for the first time in 23 years
Now the tough part, Alexa and the rest of my family want to meet and get to know each other also! Sooo amazing!!! I've been waiting for the day I get to meet her! But oh wait.... I'm in Ecuador. It has been soooooooooooooooooooo hard for me. To the point where I was praying so hard and asking God if I should pack my crap and come home so I could be a part of this amazing opportunity. I know I need to be here. I can't come home yet. Sometimes I would imagine all of my family sitting around together mingling, talking, getting to know each other, laughing, telling stories and I would just ball my eyes out... but with more time and a calmer Morgann when I would think about it I cry tears of joy... How special and amazing is it that my family gets the opportunity to meet Alexa. To get to know her, to spend time and build relationships with her. I couldn't be more excited for them! And I know that when I return home after a full 18 months I will have the same opportunity. I wrote her an email last week and I'm excited to be able to start building now. although its still really hard I know that God has a plan and I just need to put my trust and faith in him and it'll all work out.

This is something I put together... thought we looked alot alike when I was platinum blonde
So in result of my down in dumps self and my first time being homesick companion, this week was just awful. Finally on Saturday we sat down together and talked about everything... feelings wise. And my oh my was God listening... We have been so discouraged cause it is so hard to find people to teach here. The members don't wanna work with us, the president of our branch is so over his calling. He's been in for 9 years! And I think he has said a total of 4 words to us the whole time we've been here. There's only 6 men in the ward who are active priesthood holders. And three of those men are the branch presidency. Its just been really hard. So we talked and cried... and went on our way. 

Well we went to our lunch appt. And she forgot about us. So she gave us 5 dollars and sent us on our way haha. We hopped in a taxi and went to Carl's Jr. We needed it. On our way the taxi driver picks up another man... not really sure if that's allowed mission wise but we didn't really have a choice. I was in the front seat and my comp was in the back the man obvi got in the back. Well as I am talking to the taxi driver my comp is talking to the man in the back. Turns out the taxi driver investigated the church 30 years ago.... for TWO YEARS! But he didn't understand all the stuff about Joseph Smith. So I told him that he should meet with the missionaries because they can help him understand better. He lives in Guayaquil so we can't teach him. But I took his info down and gave him a pamphlet on the restoration and told him to read it and pray about it. He promised he would. As I was talking to him I tuned out for a second and listened to my comp contact the man in the back seat. It was such a tender moment. We just expressed how we didn't feel like we were ever able to teach and God sent us two people right then and there. Two people who don't live in the playas so we can't continue teaching them. But it was just proof to me that God knows us and what we need. And it automatically made me feel 100 times better. Oh and btw the taxi driver spoke English!!!!!!! I was excited at first! Then I realized I couldn't form sentences in English!!!!!!!!!!! He literally had to tell me its okay you can speak in Spanish if you want.  Because I literally couldn't speak English I never thought I'd say this but it was such an amazing feeling!!!! 

Don't worry it gets better!! So we get the mall where Carl's Jr is and we order our food. The girl taking our order asks if we are serving missions... obvi we reply yes. Turns out her two siblings are members... inactive like the other 500 members in playas... but members! She and her mom and her other 3 siblings are not members. So we got her info and have a plan to visit their family this week! Wow! So awesome!! IT GETS EVEN BETTER!

So we sit down to eat and I see a man walk by us as I bow my head to pray for the food. When we finish our prayer about 30 seconds later the man returns. He asks if were Mormons and eventually we invite him to sit down and talk with us. At first he tried to teach us about his religion, which at the time I didn't understand which religion that was. He had a really weird accent, so I couldn't really understand him. When he was done preaching to us. He asked about Joseph Smith. So we brought out a pamphlet of the restoration and taught him a little bit about that and told him if he read it he could learn more. (he was just visiting so we couldn't continue to teach him after this moment) He asked about the Book of Mormon and at first when we brought one out he was kinda freaked out... like we were gonna put some freaky spell on him or something I'm not sure. But then when we started talking about it and testifying to him that we knew it was true and he too could find out for himself if it was. His eyes lit up. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. After we finished talking he tried speaking in English to me. Lol I complimented him on his oh so lovely broken English and I thought he was gonna cry he was so excited that I said he could speak well! As me and my comp reflected on that man together she told me he was a Jehovah Witness!! And idk if its the same in USA but here the JW´s only wanna argue and are very rude to us. So the fact that we committed a JW to read and pray about the BOM was super awesome! 

The rest of the day and Sunday were great! My mood is much better! And when the hard times come all I gotta do is hit my knees! 

Love ya´ll so much!! Thanks for everything!!!! 

PS. shout out to Chase Smith who walked to a starbucks so he could use the wifi to talk to me today! So sweet! 

If you're going to give me an excuse as to why you don't write me please don't use "I've been really busy" because chances are I'm a lot busier than you are! And it only takes 2 minutes to write "hey thinking about you! love you! bye" I'm not trying to sound prideful or anything like that but I would rather no excuses than telling me you're too busy. Love you all. This is really such a hard journey I'm on right now and the emails and letters keep me going. Thank you all for writing me! I love you! oxoxxo

So I really wanted to make a camo skirt... but its illegal here to sell camo print fabric cause people used it to pretend they're in the military. So I seem-ripped my pajama pants that i had here and Abuelita made them into a skirt for me!!!! I'm sewing buttons on it tonight! So stoked.

Finally found an ice cream place!! yay! And I would like to point out that this sock bun is with out my extensions... that's how much my hair has grown! WOOOO!

This is me being normal and cute on P-day!

This is me at lunch today with my new favorite drink! It just MIGHT top coke!

My newest purchase, thought my dad and Evan and Chase would be proud!

Me waxing my lip hahaha yeah, never again.